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The two waves of energy collided, but did not separate, instead fusing. Mars understood Wang Zheng. The finesse of his physical technique was sublime, or he could not use such power in this way. That was why he could not play technicalities with Wang Zheng. He had to use the awesomeness of the Heavenly Overlord Attack and force Wang Zheng to duke it out with him head-on. He would use greater brute strength to subdue Wang Zheng.


Jodi Lilick looked very handsome today yet again. Thank you, Princess Huiyin for the song Champions of the World. So, who will be crowned the champions of the world? Shout out loud who you think will be the champions of the world!


With a wave of Wang Zheng’s Phantom King’s hand, the mech warriors dispersed, seeking their own positions. From the perspective of Saruman Snake, spreading out would be easier for better control. This was especially true for Achilles’ choice of the Sky Dragon Knight. This mech was suitable for sudden combat, so the two warriors were not worried about being separated


In a short thirty minutes or so, Mu Sen and Bolet chatted happily. Both parties had made arrangements for an in-depth negotiation. When that happened, the various teams would definitely be involved.


The spiritual power peaked after repeated waves of attacks. This was an attack to crush Wang Zheng. Once he was hit, his body would be fine, but his spirit would be devastated.


From Aslan’s performance, one could see that they were “playing”. They were not serious about it. They were actually taking risks on such a big competition. This also meant that their strengths were very strong. So strong that they were not concerned. Whether attitude was a problem or not was dependent on the outcome.

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It could be said that in a state where Ability X was gradually entering special forces skirmishes, elevating a warrior’s Ability X had become the most important research direction for all countries.


It was unquestionably a tough fight, a challenge again for Wang Zheng. Jondi Lilick’s abilities were without a doubt good and both their prestiges were identical. The critical part would be on their performance. Based on grandeur, the Saruman Snake battle team would have a slight lead.


The two Mayans did not speak up. They had joined this team for other reasons, and the contract would end after SIG. These human quarrels had nothing to do with them.


From the information that they had gathered, this area is known as Oracle. Area size, unknown. Furthermore, ninety percent of the area was primitive zones uninhabitable for humans. No one had tried to cross it and there was no need to.


However, highlights were still necessary. At least they should not lose on momentum.


Lie Xin was out too, her face flushed red, body soaked through. When the energy shield shattered, the system determined that she had lost. The energy was beyond what the mech could handle. Dammit! Why did she have to meet such an opponent as soon as she came on? There had never been such a situation before. It was just impossible to defend against. The power exerted by the instantaneous attack was simply terrifying too.


Zou Lin was unmoved. “Stable is good, but overall, what we must pay and the risk we must undertake is not remunerated proportionally. You are not in the circle, and I’m afraid you are ignorant. This new route has already affected the current profits of other routes, and the risks are great.”



Zhang Zhun did not try to act up. Normally, physical techniques would not result in powerful area of effect attacks, but it was hard to say for these two. In the last week, his wounds had completely recuperated. Due to his excellent mental state, he might even be better off then when he first started.



“With regards to Maklou, we have done a lot of work, which we believe has helped accumulate quite a bit of dissatisfaction with KO. My suggestion would be to ally with Maklou, and give them a part of the rights and benefits. As long as we can seize the harbour, our future will be even brighter.”


At this distance, they were not close enough for hand to hand combat. But he was close enough to use his Ability Xs attacks to the fullest. He would not believe that Achilles could block this. Even if his opponent had comprehended the hidden force, he probably had only done so recently!


Another Rune Warrior appeared in the battlefield. A swirl-like Runic Matrix appeared in front of everyone.

  • The sight of hundreds of them charging out made three of the weakest member in the team nervous, and this was not something they could control.
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